Posted on 23-Aug-2018

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What is a Tilt and Turn Window?

As the name suggests, tilt and turn windows have two ways in which they open. You can tilt these double glazed windows inwards to open them vertically from the top. Alternatively, you can also open them horizontally by swinging them inwards. As a result, you can control both the direction and extent of the opening.

The dual opening mechanism activates when the windows are completely shut. Once closed, the hinging mechanism on the side locks in. As a result, you can pull them open like casement windows. When you want the top opening, simply shut them again. Then, swing them in using the handle on the top edge.

When you tilt them open, you get a restricted aperture. This gives you controlled ventilation. On blustery days, you can open these double glazed windows up a crack. This way, you let in fresh air without blowing everything away. Similarly, on hot days, you can tilt them open further to let in more air.

It is also more secure since the opening isn’t wide enough for an intruder to squeeze in. What’s more, you can crack them open for ventilation. However, from the outside, your windows appear to be shut. You can tilt them all the way in so they lie flat. As a result, you can clean the outer pane without any risks.
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