Posted on 20.08.2018

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What is a French Casement Window?
Traditionally, casement windows only had one sash. This means they had a single ‘door’. This was attached to one side with hinges. French casement windows, on the other hand, have two ‘doors’ attached on either sides of the frame. As a result, you can open one or both of them. When closed, their swinging ends meet at the centre.

Traditionally, there used to be a vertical pillar or mullion in the centre. The two sashes would sit flush with it on either side when shut. However, modern homes need a fire escape and the wide French casement double glazed windows are ideal for it. Also, the pillar in the middle of the wide opening only obstructs the otherwise unimpeded view.

For this reason, the flying mullion replaced the static pillar. The central pillar is now fixed on to the slave sash.

The advantage of this is that the master sash opens independently. If you want only one sash open, you can do so. However, when you open both sashes, the flying mullion swings out with the slave sash’s opening edge. As a result, you can an unobstructed aperture. This wide opening is great for ventilation as well as a point of escape in case of fire.

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